Network Services

Bad Cabling

Is your data closet a tangled mess of cables?

Build a modern and secure network without breaking the bank.

Worried about network security breaches and cyber attacks? Is your data closet a tangle of cables? Does your growing company need to a more robust network?  Slow downloads or bad connections?  Worried about security breaches? With our network services, we can help!

Poor wiring can cause huge problems.  Everything may be working right now, but if something goes wrong, a messy data closet will add significant time and cost to what should be a simple troubleshooting job.  It could be as simple as an unplugged cable but it would take a long time to find.  So if your data closet looks like a tangled mass of cables, we can spend the time to do it right so that you won't suffer significant down time when something breaks.

If your company is growing, we can help plan and future-proof your network.  We will design and implement the perfect solution to fit your needs but make sure that we leave room to grow as your business grows. Additionally, we will make sure that if your business outgrows its current location or you need to add a new location, the majority of your network equipment will travel or expand with you.

Cyber-security is on everyone's minds these days, and with good reason.  Large companies like Home Depot and Target have been victims of data theft.  Many large businesses, such as Credit Card companies, require businesses to conform to regulations such as PCI compliance standards and we can help you meet those standards.  Your network will be secure from hackers and we can even help train your employees to recognize social engineering and phishing attacks against your employees.

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