Backup and Recovery

Data Backups & Disaster Recovery Plans.

Bad things happen to good companies.  Sometimes that "bad thing" is just a file that accidentally got deleted from the server.  Other times, it could be a natural disaster.  We can help you develop a recovery solution for both scenarios, and anything in between.

Various government and legal regulations, such as HIPAA, require an organization to have a disaster recovery plan.  Even if your company isn't required to have one, it still makes sense to implement a plan for those unforeseeable emergencies.  These days, pretty much all of a business's data is in a digital format and it is of utmost importance that that data is kept safe.

We work with your company to develop a data backup and recovery system.  Ideally, a backup solution includes three layers.  On-site, off-site and Archive.  We implement systems that scale with your business and will include both an on-site backup solution to make your files instantly recoverable as well as an off-site solution to protect your data from the worst.  An Archive system is always recommended and can be set up for storing data this is almost never accessed anymore.  Many legal bodies require Archive systems in addition to standard backup solutions.

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