About Cloud Media


Cloud Media is a modern IT solutions provider for Businesses and non-profits.

Cloud media was founded in 2011 by Michael Sullivan to be a modern IT services and solutions provider for small and medium businesses as well as non-profits. Developing the best IT solutions for a business is all about building trust. We work to develop a close relationship with our clients so we can help them develop budgets, plans, and solutions for their IT needs. We measure the value of our solutions by how they benefit our clients. A good solution not only solves the problem, but it allows the company to grow and achieve greater things.

Not all businesses are large enough to have an IT department on staff. But that doesn't mean that they can't achieve great things. We help fill the gap between the employee and the management team by providing on-call IT support and also by acting as an IT Architect. By helping the management team develop IT budgets and implementing proactive solutions, we help the company grow and save money at the same time.

Areas of expertise

Office networks and computers

We live in a mobile world, but that doesn't mean that your office should be neglected. We specialize in providing the right office equipment and network services for your organization.

Remote office workers

The way we do business is constantly changing. Employees must be mobile, yet have secure access to the home office resources. We can help your company develop mobile office solutions and policies.

mobility is the future

Sometimes a laptop is just too big for the job. We excel in providing mobile solutions for the employees on the go. Need to run a business from your Microsoft, Apple or Android tablet? That's no problem!

Apple Products

We live in an interconnected world. The market is still dominated by Microsoft and the PC, but we can help integrate Apple products into your business.