IT Consulting

At our heart, we are a solutions provider.

Whether you need a new server or a network upgrade,  we can find the right solution for you.  We work with our clients and our network of partners to provide proactive solutions and help prevent future problems.

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Help Desk


Help is there when you need it most.

Some days, things just go wrong.  We are there for you at any time and for any reason.  Deleted files?  No problem.  Hardware failure?  We will have you back up and running in no time!

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Network Services

Build a modern network without breaking the bank.

Does your current data closet look like a tangled mess of cables?  Does your growing company need a more robust network?  Slow downloads or bad connections?  We can help!

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A message from the owner...

Cloud Media OwnerMichael Sullivan

Owner, Cloud Media LLC

Businesses must make difficult financial decisions every day.  Choosing your IT solutions is no different.  As a client, you will receive incredibly personalized service to help guide you through the process of finding the right solutions for business.

I founded Cloud Media in 2011 to provide high quality, personalized IT services in Arkansas and the region.  I view the relationship I have with my clients as a partnership; when they succeed, we all succeed. Whether you need to create and manage a HIPAA-compliant network, migrate to a new new email service, or just purchase and set up computers for new employees, we've got you covered.  You will always have a direct line to someone who can help.  We excel at providing solutions for your small or medium business and we look forward to working with you.

Security News

  • Email Impersonation Scam
    This is an email that a client's accountant received today. The sender looks like the owner of the company, but it is from an email address originating in Italy. The scammer is hoping...
  • Update on WannaCry Ransomware attack
    As you may have heard, there was a massive cyber-attack which began this past Friday. It affected many organizations around the world. It shut down hospitals in England and even affected FedEx shipping....
  • Have You Been Pwned?
    My high school English teacher would break my legs if she knew I was going to start a blog post with a "The dictionary defines..." statement, but in this case I feel that...

quick bytes

Changing your password frequently is less important than a strong password. Use a long phrase and a combination of letters, numbers and special characters.  Phrases you can remember work best. Change your password if it has been compromised.
Your data should be backed up regularly and it should be stored offsite.  Talk to us about a disaster recovery plan.  Your industry may even mandate that you have one!
Viruses and malware are a huge threat! Don't be caught without a quality AV solution.  Talk to us about developing a 'layered' approach to preventing viruses and Malware.
Definitely!  These days more and more services are moving to The Cloud.  All kinds of software, including email, document management, and many other services can be hosted in the cloud, requiring significantly less investment in local hardware, maintenance, and IT costs.